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20th Annual Battle of Morseville

Civil War Reenactment

August 25 & 26, 2018

Stockton, Illinois (USA)

Please join us as we reenact the Battle of Morseville!  As our veterans know, our 40 acres of pasture land lends itself to an authentic battlefield atmosphere.  You are surrounded by farms, without a Walmart or McDonalds in sight to hinder your 19th century immersion.  When you wake up and peek out of your tent in the morning you will see acres of corn and rolling pasture and may hear cows or sheep in the distance.


The calvary especially loves this event, because there are no restrictions on running your horses - unlike events held in city parks that worry about hooves ruining the lawn!


In lieu of providing power for artillery, we will provide a cash bountyof $50 for mountain Howitzers and $75 for 57 inch wheel guns.  Will will provide hay, straw, firewood and water.  On Sunday morning we will also provide coffee, juice and rolls.


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We look forward to seeing you there!

A hint . . .

Do bring a shovel.  Part of what makes this event so much fun is that you are camping in a pasture - not a manicured city park.  The cows left the pasture just three weeks before the event and you may find that they left an, um . . . "present" for you.  Take a good look at your camp site before you set up your tent and, if necessary, be prepared to shovel a few "pies" out of your way before unrolling your tent.

Another hint . . .

Do bring a lantern.  "Dark" on a farm is not the same as "dark" in the suburbs.  There are no street lights, parking lot lights, or a glow from a nearby mall.  Once the sun goes down it gets really dark, and if it's a moonless night then you'll experience the true pitch-black, can't-see-your-hand-in-front-of-your-face sort of darkness than our 19th century ancestors knew.  It's awesome!  But if you like to take a midnight visit to the porta-pottys then you'll need some light!

About food . . .

Stella's, a local resturant, sells a great lunch on Saturday and Sunday.  We also have a "Farmer's Market" that sells fruit, vegetables and baked goods on Saturday and Sunday.  And don't forget the Pie Auction on Saturday!  Donoughts and coffee are provided for reenactors on Sunday morning, and you are on-your-own for dinner.  There are no resturants within walking distance, but there are some in the town of Stockton (read below).

About Stockton . . .

There is nothing within walking distance of the event site, but the town of Stockton is only a short ten minute drive from the site.  Stockton has a grocery store, gas stations, resturants, bars, ATMs, a hardware store and an auto parts store - we should have you covered if you broke, misplaced or forgot anything!

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