Battle of Morseville

20th Annual Battle of Morseville

Dave Pierce Memorial

Civil War Reenactment

August 25 & 26, 2018

Stockton, Illinois (USA)

You are invited to the Stockton, Illinois Battle of Morseville Civil War Reenactment!  The event will be sponsored by the David and Eloise Pierce Family, the NWILFNRA, and hosted by the 3rd Iowa Light Artillery. 


Stockton is a small farming community in Northwest Illinois, about halfway between Rockford and Galena.  We get reenactors from the Chicago suburbs, Rockford, Galena, Wisconsin and Iowa.

We are sure this is the best looking Civil War event you will ever see!  The event is held on the Eloise Pierce Farm (a real farm!), and the 40 acre reenactment space is a cow pasture eleven months out of the year.  You are surrounded by farms, without a Walmart or McDonalds in sight to hinder your 19th century immersion.  When you wake up in the morning and peek out of your tent you will see acres of corn and rolling pasture and may hear a cow or a sheep in the distance.  The calvary especially loves this event, because there are no restrictions on running your horses - unlike events held in city parks that worry about hooves ruining the lawn!


We look forward to having you join us!

Battlefield view from Civilian Camp, 2017.  Photo by Heather Czyzewski.

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